Why choose Avesha?

Avesha’s entire foundation is based on Holistic Healing and Empowering those who are not living as their Highest Self.  At Avesha, we take into account each person as a whole as they enter into their Journey of healing and thriving.

Empowerment is pretty straight forward, its the process of developing yourself into someone stronger, confident and in control of your life by claiming your rights while also becoming more assertive and powerful.

My goal is to empower my client to discover themselves and their purpose through self-reflection.   By encouraging them to ask themselves the right questions this will help them untangle any blockages they have and help them connect to their inner and Highest Self.  While also providing them the skills and tools they need to be able to work through any lingering self-doubt or road blocks keeping them from being their best and healthiest Self.

So, what is Holistic Healing?

You hear the term often as of late, but do you really know what it means?

Holistic healing considers the “whole” person – body, mind, spirit and emotions – in the quest for optimal health and healing.  You can achieve this goal by gaining the proper “Balance” in life.  Balance seems impossible, I know, when you are working full time, raising kids, taking care of a home, whatever your life situation is…we understand.  That is why at Avesha we offer many different services to help you find and maintain that life balance.

Please see “Our Services” page for our offerings.