Where is your focus?

Decide what is important to you and focus on it.  Not because you are trying to bury your feelings or escape pain, but because you are simply shifting your focus on to other important things.

How many times do you hear people after a break-up say “I am just going to focus on my career (or my kids, yoga or a new religion or practice) and really they are desperately searching for a partner and once they find one, their energy redirects to that person and right back to a relationship.  All focus is on that person and not themselves.

You will know when it is time to re-focus your energies.  It is a natural progression.  Just like coming out of “victim mode” and into “surviving/thriving” mode.

On this Journey we step on each stone (stepping stones) one at a time embracing each moment where we see the progression.  One of the first steps is breaking free from “victim mode”.  Once you do, things start to make more sense as you embrace your accountability and eventually, forgiveness.  To yourself and those who have hurt you.

Forgiveness does not mean you accept their actions or what was done to you.  You simply forgive and let go of the pain.

Maybe forgiveness looks like: “I forgive you for hurting me because I know you struggle with mental stability”.  You acknowledge they hurt you….but also that they weren’t healthy and for that you forgive and let go.  Holding on to hurt does not serve you, it only prolongs the healing.

If you are early in your Journey, please know, the rawness does fade.  The pain may never fully leave you, but the intensity become less and less.  Please trust me on this.

So your focus during your transition time on this Journey should be solely on you and whatever serves your highest good.

Here are a few examples of where my focus lives (not in any particular order):

  1. Personal Healing and Development
  2. Self-love and Self-Care
  3. Avesha Empower (empowering people to be their best)
  4. My children
  5. My career (outside of Avesha)
  6. Finances
  7. Spirituality
  8. Body and Mind Health

If you would like one on one coaching, mini empowerment sessions or spiritual coaching please visit my website at http://www.AveshaEmpower.com or email me at aveshaempower@gmail.com





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