This is your life!

What do you want?

Do you want to help people?  Do you want more wealth?  A better job?  To be skinnier? Healthier?  Stronger?  To be single or committed to someone?

This is the year to make it happen, trust me, it really is!

Whatever you want, you can have, ask and you shall receive.

Life is a series of choices, good and bad.  Life doesn’t happen to us, we make life happen.  The choices we make directly affects the path our life takes.

You want to be happier, change your attitude and the way you view things.  Be grateful for what you have and only focus on what you can change and make better.

Want to travel more, then find a way to make that happen.  Either through work, planning a family vacation, a girls trip or go solo….there are many ways to make travel a part of your life.

Want more down time? clear your schedule and make more time for YOU.  If you work, take a day off during the week and declare that day a YOU day.  Turn your phone off…seriously!  Go to the gym, get a facial or a pedicure, take a walk, read, go to a cafe and drink a latte in peace.  Whatever it is you enjoy doing do it.  If you are a stay at home mom, the same applies, while the kids are in school go celebrate YOU!.

Want to be healthier? Great, create a Wellness routine (nutrition and exercise) and stick to it.  There are plenty of online resources that can help you create a personalized wellness plan which includes a daily work out, meditation routine and nutrition menu.  Remember nothing has to be set in stone and everything can be modified, what you plan is just a guide.  Over time you will acclimate your plan to your routine.  If you need help, we can help you get started on your wellness Journey.  Just Contact Us

Want to redecorate your house, start a new hobby, start a MeetUp group, go out with friends more or join a book club?  DO IT!!!

Stop the excuses – they get you absolutely no where and so many people use them as crutches and truthfully they keep you from being your best self and enjoying life.

Here are some lame excuses:

  • I don’t have time
  • I am so busy
  • Work is crazy right now
  • The kids play baseball, basketball, football, do dance, etc. etc. etc.
  • Money is tight
  • I am single
  • I will get to it eventually
  • I will start tomorrow

Life is short, one day you will wake up and realize how much life has passed you by while you were busy making excuses.

Here are my responses to the excuses above:

  • Make time, you are in charge of your life/schedule
  • No one is that busy – trust me
  • Work will always be crazy, its work
  • So get your husband, a friend or another mother to drive one way while you go to the gym or take a class
  • Do something that doesn’t cost money
  • Ok single doesn’t mean dead, join a group, ask a friend, go by yourself
  • You will never get to it with that attitude

So act now, make your list of things you want to accomplish this year and start today!


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