The real benefits of working with a Life Coach

In my previous blog Why a Life Coach? I provide a simple explanation to the question, why would I need a life coach?

To take this one step further I wanted to share with you the benefits of working with a Life Coach and encourage you to make the choice to work with one, no matter where you are on your Journey.

Life Coaching is an ongoing relationship that can help you to produce positive results in your life, whether the focus is your career, personal or family decisions/issues or both a Life Coaching program can provide you with support and guidance through all of life’s challenges no matter how big or small.

As I mentioned in my previous post Life Coaching is neither counseling or therapy.  I describe Life Coaching as personal and professional guidance to help people move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give them the life they really want but aren’t able to achieve on their own.

As your personal Coach I will show you techniques (tools in the tool box) and simple life strategies to help you as you embark on your Journey to whatever you are looking to achieve.  Whether its healing from trauma, building strength and life skills, choosing a new career path, wanting to start a family, or navigating through the issues of your current life situation, a Life Coach is there for you every step of the way, empowering you to be your best and highest Self.

Think of your Coach as a friend who you spill your guts to, without receiving judgement and unwanted (bad) advice and with a bit more expertise and skill in helping you achieve your goals, whatever those may be.

There are many benefits to hiring a skilled and committed Life Coach:

Clarity (goal setting)

Helping you determine what you want from life (and if you are capable of it) is the first step in this process.

The initial on-boarding process will help me get to know you better which will help us get clear on what you would like to achieve from our coaching sessions.

We will have a series of goal setting sessions which will determine the direction you would like to head in and the speed in which we need to get you there 🙂


The most important part of the entire process is your commitment to it.  After goal setting we will put together a step by step plan towards the goals we set which will ultimately get you to your final destination.  How exciting!

However, the only way we will be successful is if you fully commit to the process and plan that we develop.  Without commitment, we have nothing but empty promises and dreams.

Relish in the Opportunity to Focus Solely on Yourself

Life coaching is an incredible opportunity for self-love and self-care which gives us the confidence to go after our dreams.  Life Coaching gives you the permission to think about you and only you , what you want from life and how you are going to get there. This can be a life changing experience, if you allow it to be.

Personal & Professional Development

Life coaching is very challenging and hard work, but it is also rewarding and a lot of fun. Not only will we be building a solid and trusting relationship, but you will be looking at yourself with fresh eyes and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone which can be very empowering. Life coaching will enhance your personal & professional development and will empower you to push yourself to the next level.  Never settling.

If you are ready to take the next step with coaching, please Contact Us today to set up a free consultation.

In my opinion, everyone should have a Life Coach by their side.  I do 🙂

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