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Daily Post: Deplete

Via Daily Post: Deplete

Where do I even begin when it comes to all the things that can deplete our souls?

People can deplete us.

Our jobs can deplete us.

Relationships can deplete us.


We can deplete ourselves.

Life is a series of ups and downs and unfortunately we have no control over most of what life throws at us.

When people, circumstances and responsibilities start to deplete us its imperative that we take action and focus on ourselves and what we need.

I talk about self-love and self-care routines in all my posts because these are the most critical aspects of this life.  If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

However, I understand these are hard practices to start.  It is much easier to chase highs, fill voids, keep running on the wheel of chaos depleting ourselves of our energy, time and happiness.

When you finally get to a place of burnout (adrenal fatigue, sickness, failed relationships, depression, anxiety) is when you realize something has to give…changes need to be made and life has to shift.

I encourage you to start now before you get to a place where you are fully depleted.  Little by little you need to start focusing on you.  Take a walk, yoga class, change your diet, read a book, join a Meetup Group, pick up a new hobby, take a class, spend time with friends or alone, make a YOU day.  Whatever it takes for you to re-charge your emotional batteries and reset your soul.

There are many ways to start a self-love/self-care routine.  I would start with a morning routine, that is what I did and it changed my life.  Journaling is another amazing way to start focusing on you, your goals and to get things out of your monkey brain and on paper!  Journaling also helps to relieve anxiety and stress in addition to a number of grounding and earthing exercises that are also known to help.

Being depleted isn’t something we have to live with, we can take care of ourselves now.

When we recognize the signs that we are feeling depleted we can immediately give ourselves what we need to make sure we don’t go into complete adrenal fatigue.

Love yourself madly and unconditionally!



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