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Daily Post: Tantrum

via daily post: Tantrum

Ahhh, this word immediately brought me back to my ex-husband and his behavioral issues.

I would tell him, deep down you truly are a 9 year old and I would always refer to his outbursts as “tantrums”.  Ever seen a grown man throw a tantrum?  its awful.  There really is nothing more pathetic and terrifying than watching a man throw things around the house, break furniture, smash glass and punch holes in walls just because he is “upset”.   You have to wonder, at what point do they grow out of this behavior, because although he tried to make it my fault, like somehow I brought this insane behavior out of him, this anger lives inside him (picture the incredible hulk) and it’s just waiting to escape.

Today I am grateful that is has been almost two years since I have had to witness a grown man’s tantrums and I am hopeful I will never have to experience such a thing ever again.


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