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7 days of rejection challenge

I read a fabulous post on one of my favorite online yogi and mindfulness publications -The Elephant Journal.  It was about rejection and how much we fear it.  It is so true, we hang on to things that are bad for us, out of fear.  We don’t go after the things we want because of our fear of rejection.  We don’t leave old relationships and start new ones out of fear that someone new may not love us the way we are used to.  We simply fear not being accepted, loved, respected or heard.  It really is crazy how much we rely on others for our self worth and our validation.

So, how do we stop this mindset and create a new one that empowers us to embrace rejection?

By understanding that with rejection comes growth!

In addition to this there is also the understanding that rejection isn’t always about us and if we  truly trust the Universe, like we should, we will understand that rejection is sometimes a beautiful gift.  Whether we choose to accept this gift or not is a decision we have to make and again, that comes from trust.

Trusting ourselves, trusting our Higher Power, trusting that the Universe knows what is best for us, that is when we no longer fear rejection and we embrace it as a part of life and also a part of our own magical journey.

So I empower you today to embrace the 7 Days of Rejection Challenge.

In this 7 days I empower you to embrace your fears by doing something on a daily basis that might induce rejection from another person (or establishment):

Some basic examples include:

  1.  Talk to a stranger in public
  2. Ask for a free cup of coffee at a coffee shop
  3. Ask someone to borrow something
  4. Apply for a new job
  5. Apply for a loan or credit card
  6. Wear something different than the norm
  7. Ask someone on a date
  8. Ask someone to buy you a drink

The sky is the limit here, just be creative and face your fears of rejection.

Exercise:  Jot down in your journal the reaction you received and how you felt (scared, anxious, excited, etc.).

I guarantee you that you will find that 9 times out of 10 you will not be rejected and the one time you are, will not affect you the way you perceived it would.


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