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Daily Post: Famous

Via Daily Post:  Famous

I can’t say I have ever wanted to be famous.  However, my biggest goal is to make an impact on another person’s soul.

Fame has never been of interest to me, especially since I believe there is something incredibly negative about needing so much validation from people (i.e. fame).  Have you ever noticed what happens to a famous person?  Nine times out of ten a famous person either (a) dies prematurely (b) can’t handle the pressures of fame and turns to drugs/alcohol to cope (c) ends up losing fame shortly after gaining it and they end up broke.

So, frankly this life style does not appeal to me.

What does interest me is helping people.  Providing helpful information that will make them think or take action.  I want to make a big impact on someone’s life, even discretely.  I don’t need recognition or even a thank you.  A person’s well being and happiness is enough for me to be happy.

The extent of people who struggle with a lack of contentment and happiness on a daily basis is overwhelming to me.  It feels like there is an extreme amount of mental health issues that are prevalent now.  Have they always existed and we just hear about the more?  or does our narcissistic society create these issues?

I really feel as a society we are fucked!

Before I go on and on about our fucked up society and how sad I am that so many are struggling I will end this post by saying, NO, I don’t want to be famous and, what does famous mean anyway?  is it the same concept is being the popular kid in school?

Keep your fame and I will validate myself!



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