Via Daily Post:Broken

Sometimes being broken is the best thing that can happen to a person.  Really, I mean this.

You know very well how it happens, your navigating through life…all is well (so you tell yourself), you are happy (externally) and boom, something happens….a death, illness, infidelity, job loss, financial issues, etc.

We have all experienced something traumatic in one form or another.  No one escapes the issues that life brings us and we are not meant to.  Life is supposed to challenge us, confuse us, throw bad things at us.  Its what keeps us learning…day in and day out.  The minute you stop learning…life is over.  Metaphorically speaking.

Some of us are better than others at facing these “challenges”.  Some people bury their heads in victim mode hoping it will all go away and they refuse to learn the lesson(s) or see the “gifts” that they have been given.  Others tend to tackle these issues head on, they see these challenges as lessons instead of things that are happening “to” them.

Victims ask…WHY ME?  My answer…why not you…who else is there?

Being broken open allows you to look at things from a deeper perspective and gives you the opportunity to face whatever it is that you have been given the good, the bad and the ugly.

For instance:

Health issues – do you eat right?  exercise?  smoke?  drink?  do drugs?  have severe stress? do you value your body?

If you really broke it all down is it all that surprising that you are sick?

Infidelity – was your marriage stable?  were you happy?  was he?  were you going through the motions of marriage but with a gaping hole inside your soul?

Is it really that shocking that someone cheated?

Financial issues – do you value money?  do you over extend?  do you have a shopping addiction? are you using “things” as a void filler?  could these financial issues been avoided?

I could go on with many more examples but you get the point.

When you are broken open you are given the opportunity to look deep inside and see  what lead to these challenges and once you identify them, you can work on fixing them.  Whether its childhood trauma, abandonment issues, massive insecurity, untreated mental health issues or addiction issues – figure out the problem and find a solution.

The Universe breaks you down so you can heal every single one of those wounds.  Believe it or not, it is a gift.  It does not feel like it at the time, trust me, I know.  Once you get to the other side, you will see the gift you have been given and  you will treasure it, I promise.

My advice, take the lesson, don’t be the victim.  Allow yourself to be broken open so you can heal.


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I am a mother, sister, friend, daughter, yogi, mindful and empowering soul, strong and impactful the second of half of my Journey the way I wish I lived the first a state of peace and with intention. Looking to join people on their journey and empower them to be their best while using all their tools to navigate through life.

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