What I wish I always knew

When you are broken, let it motivate you to become who you really are meant to be.

Whatever that is.  Whoever that is.

Don’t let that experience go to waste.  Embrace it.  Feel it.  Own it.  Despise it.  Then love it.  Respect it.

It teaches you something.


Whatever that is.  Whoever that is.

It is important that you learn the lesson or it will repeat and beat you up ten fold next time.

Look at yourself in the mirror, write yourself a love note, meditate and thank God for creating you.

Because there is only one you and you are AMAZING!

Here is a list of all the things I wish i understood the past 45 years of my life – 

  1. It all goes by so fast, close your eyes and a new day begins and it doesn’t feel as bad as it did the night before
  2. If you don’t feed drama, it can’t exist
  3. You don’t have to care what anyone thinks of you and if you don’t, its very empowering
  4. A story has many versions of the truth
  5. Life is what you make of it, on every single level
  6. You always have a second chance, even if you think you don’t
  7. What you do with that second chance is what matters most
  8. Love isn’t what you think it is, its hard f’ing work, do the work and experience true love
  9. Where you water the grass is where it grows, stop looking elsewhere, its right in your own garden
  10. Life is easy, play by the rules…and see what life brings you
  11. Treat people with kindness even if you think they don’t deserve it, they may actually need it the most
  12. Monsters really do live inside people and they usually let them out at just the right time
  13. Never let anyone hold your power, ever
  14. Enjoy every single moment, even the really tough ones, because before you know it, you are on to something else
  15. The craziest stores are the ones you can tell in the nursing home, so enjoy the journey
  16. Exercise in your 20’s will help you in your mid-life, trust me
  17. Nothing good ever comes from alcohol
  18. Love your parents, even if they sucked, they really did do their best and they did give you life (they love you)
  19. Have hobbies, they keep your mind busy and fill your spirit
  20. You don’t have to travel if you don’t want to. Even though people say you have to travel before you die, some people don’t want to and that is OK, some people want to be home and read books, good, do that
  21. Respect people for where they are on their Journey, life is not easy and neither is change
  22. Sometimes we are forced to fix something or to change.   It hurts, it sucks, its painful but trust the Universe!  She knows what she is doing…she is saving you.
  23. The biggest growth moments are the most painful, trust that you are making progress, even if you don’t feel it
  24. Life is so much better after 40, we have something called confidence and we have no tolerance for BS
  25. Your intuition is everything!

These have been some of my favorite discoveries the past 2 years during my unique Journey of growth and development.

I am grateful to have been broken open and given the ability to discover who I am and what I want from this second half of my Journey.

-with gratitude


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