How to find your perfect partner

Or should I say, how to make it so they find you!

There is so much advice out there on how to find true love or even better, your soul mate. Whatever you are looking for, whatever you believe in…exists. Nothing is unattainable and most everything you want, is in reach. You truly just need to believe it exists and it will.

With so many dating apps and organized ways to meet people dating should be a no-brainer. Problem is, people over think it and are impatient. We live in an instant gratification world….where we have so much at our finger tips. We think dating should be easy. We join a dating site thinking Mr. perfect is going to just appear without any work on our part. It happens, but its few and far between.

I tell everyone…perspective is EVERYTHING! if you go into online dating with a negative perspective, you will have an negative experience. If you go into it with a positive mind set and look at it as a means to meet good and bad people, then you will find the experience mostly a positive one. The truth is, yes there are some wacky people out there, but you can meet them in person too, they aren’t just online. They are in grocery stores, coffee shops, bars and at work. Online dating is just an easier means for them to congregate 🙂

That being said there is a lot that goes into finding your perfect partner or being ready for them to find you…let’s visit these things:

  • Know what you want
  • Be ready for it
  • Visualize
  • Feel it coming
  • Let go of the details
  • Accept what the Universe presents you
  • Appreciate what you have been given
  • Let go of control and let it fall into place
  • Believe in the magic

If you would like to work together to draw in your partner or prepare yourself so he can find you, contact me at

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