How to live your best life

“Happiness is a state of mind. It’s just according to the way you look at things.”

Walt Disney

First exercise, figure out what happiness means to you. Living your best life is all about you so its up to you to define it.

Life can be beautiful, magical, difficult, easy, fun, complacent, too long for some and too short for others.

It is all about perspective!

My advice is, life is ten minutes long so don’t piss it away. Do everything in your power to make the life that works for you. Create a life that makes you hop out of bed in the morning.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Do not look at another persons life, look inside you.
    Ask yourself, “what do I want”, “what is my passion”,”what will it take for me to be internally happy”.
    My suggestion is to go to your safe, quiet place with your journal and write the answer to these questions. You may be amazed by the answers.
  2. When life goes sideways, take accountability for your part in it.
    Life isn’t just “happening” to us! Every decision or choice we make plays a big part in how things end up for us. We have that intuition that tells us we are making a big mistake (you know, the gut wrenching ache in your belly screaming don’t do it! that is intuition). Listen to your intuition, and if you don’t, take accountability for the choices you have made and move on.
  3. Learn the lessons you are meant to learn.
    In the event you didn’t listen to your intuition and something not so great has happened, learn from it and…move on!
  4. Surround yourself with the things that make you happy.
    There are certain colors, smells, and sounds that make us happy and calm. Personally I love the color aqua, I am in awe of flowers (and growing them myself), and I love the smell of lavender and other essential oils. So I constantly surround myself with these things. I have even started bringing them over to my boyfriends house. He is thrilled, kind of.
  5. Find your own personal space in your home and make it all yours! This is where you will meditate, do yoga, journal, blog, color, draw, or just hide from the world for a little while! Having your own sacred space, no matter how big or small can bring you calm!
    Fill it with the things you love. Music, candles, floor pillows, yoga mats, vision boards, whatever brings you joy!
    I transformed one of my walk in closets (yep, I have three, oddly enough) into a writing room. It has a beautiful aqua colored desk, pictures of my kids and my boyfriend, it has a window overlooking my gardens so I have positioned my desk to look out the window. Its a tiny little room but it makes me happy.
  6. Find your passion!
    I cannot stress this enough. I have friends who are over 50 wandering around life – involved in one crappy relationship after another, living with so many voids because they have not discovered what makes them shine.
    Again, do not look to others to find your passion, dig deep to discover what makes you come alive.
    This is completely and solely about you.
    Do you love art, music, fitness, writing, cooking, eating, wine, beer, crafts, kids, yoga?
    Doesn’t matter, just find it and immerse yourself in it.
  7. Do not say “I have no time!” – because, you do!
  8. Identify what is holding you back from happiness and work on it.
    Are you overweight and unhappy with yourself? start a fitness and nutrition routine.
    Are you struggling with depression or anxiety? don’t go it alone, talk to someone and ask for help.
    Do you struggle in your relationship? talk to someone, ask for advice, seek counseling.
  9. Let go of any old stories that you tell yourself!
    Every single day is a day to start new – think blank slate and then start creating the new you!
  10. If something has ended, let it go.
    Thank the Universe for the experience and then ask for something new. Seriously, let it go. The Universe knows exactly what its doing.

Truthfully, I could go on and on and this list could be at 100 and I would still have more to write. However, my goal is to encourage you to start the wheels of your mind moving and hopefully you will continue this list on your own. You can even share your list with me. I would LOVE to hear what brings you happiness. Again, happiness is a very personal thing.

For those struggling to find happiness right now, I encourage you to start today and look for ways to bring happiness into your life. You can start slow, and gain momentum over time.

Not every day will be a happy one or an easy one, but when you are internally happy, you bounce back from tough days so much quicker.

If you would like to work together on your Journey to Happiness…contact me!

Love, light, peace, happiness and all that you desire!


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