Why you need a Life Coach

Your tribe determines your vibe!

Let’s face it, life can be complicated and even difficult at times.  So many of us are juggling things on a daily basis that can force us to neglect ourselves. Over time that neglect can cause serious issues with our relationships, how we show up at work, our friendships, and our parenting.

For those of us walking around with unresolved trauma stress and feeling overwhelmed, an unbalanced emotional state can cause that trauma to trigger.  This could result in turning towards unhealthy behaviors (such as drinking, over eating, sex addiction, drugs, affairs, etc.)  in hopes of masking the trauma and burying it.  (But you know you cannot bury this pain deep enough, it always rears its ugly head, especially during the most troublesome times.)

True healing from any kind of trauma or bad circumstance/situation takes not only time, energy and commitment but also a good Tribe of people you trust.   Your Tribe is an unbiased support system that remains completely neutral as they don’t intimately know the parties involved.  You may feel your friends or your family can do the job, but actually they can cause more damage than do good because they have a vested interest – whereas a neutral third party like a therapist or Life / Spiritual Coach can look at things from all sides without forming judgement.

A Coach does not replace a therapist.  In fact a Coach can and will work in tandem with a therapist if desired, helping you work through the day to day decisions, helping you to make good choices, guiding you through difficult situations and teaching you how to focus on the solution not the issues.   

Healing and becoming your Best You takes work and just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a Tribe to heal and live your Highest Self.

Coaches are for all stages of life, not just trauma or healing.  They are there to help guide you through life decisions such as job changes, marriage, divorce, moving, dealing with family, etc.  Having a Coach is a healthy approach to navigating through life’s stresses.  But we are also there during the good times, not just the tough ones.  

A coach can help organize your thoughts and work towards your dreams through journaling work, vision boarding, manifesting, gratitude and meditation.  We will help you work through big decisions, soar through mid-life changes, help you prepare for empty nest syndrome, work with you to find your passion and help you develop a wellness program. 

Whatever you need, a Coach will help guide you along your journey.

If you are interested in a free consultation in person or over phone please contact us.  I look forward to working with you.


Remember –

You are balanced – You are grounded – You are safe – You are loved –

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  2. Hi Avesha, just wanted to connect as I am a Life Coach too and always nice to meet fellow coaches! I have a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to look? Greetings from Switzerland! Sam 🙂

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