Adventures in Woodstock Vermont

I have decided to start documenting my travels this year. My hope is that anyone out there looking to try new places to visit will benefit from the information I share 🙂

As you all know, my quest is to make 2020 the best year yet. I intend to accomplish this in many ways, and one of them is through travel.

We literally just got back from Woodstock Vermont and I wanted to start writing ASAP since my experience is fresh in my mind.

Woodstock VT is a beautiful little village nestled along the Quechee River. We arrived at around 7:30 PM. The town was lit up with bright light whites around each tree and of course there was a big Christmas tree with white lights on the town green right in front of the Woodstock Inn (which we have always wanted to stay in but to date have not been able to afford it).

To add to our perfect little trip, just like a Hallmark movie, as we started to drive into the village, it started lightly snowing. It was so very romantic. With good intentions, I started to video the drive through the little village but despite my efforts, I forgot to turn the video button on (silly me). So, unfortunately I was not able to capture the moment the way we wanted, but as my boyfriend stated…its in our minds and memory.

We arrived at the Inn which was about a mile from the village and it was such a pleasant surprise. You never really know what you are getting when you choose a hotel online. I always book through Expedia, and so far things have gone quite well, but this hotel was AWESOME! We chose to stay at the 506 Inn on the River https://www.ontheriverwoodstock.com/ and I am thrilled with our choice. This Inn is perfect, its inviting, warm and bright. The inside was magical, the decor was very Vermont’ish with antiques and old books everywhere, the restaurant was filled with couches and comfy tables and chairs and the view from the back windows is of the river, and simply beautiful. The bar is from an old monastery and it truly added to the vibe, the staff was friendly and open and they gave such a personal touch to each encounter. We truly loved this place.

Our room was spacious, cozy, clean and inviting. We had a nice balcony which overlooked the river and even in the winter it was a great view. However I imagine summer will be amazing there. I imagine sitting on the balcony with a glass of wine, breathing in the clean Vermont air and just enjoying the view. The hotel itself is quiet and very relaxing. It really was so awesome.

We ate dinner at the Inn our first night, since Woodstock Village literally closes at 6pm during the week (one drawback for us). It was a good choice though, the food at the Inn was awesome, and drinks were fantastic – the bartender even created a specialty drink and named it after me – it was fun.

The next day we ventured out and took a ride through Woodstock and surrounding areas, one thing to know is, in the winter, most things are closed during the week and only open on certain days and times. Shopping is limited, stores are limited, restaurants are very limited.

The second night for dinner we ate at the Woodstock Inn after we had drinks (espresso martini and Maine Beer Company – Lunch) at the Prince and the Pauper https://www.princeandpauper.com/. I probably had the best meal of my life at the Woodstock Inn. Kudos to them.

All and all the trip was great, we enjoyed putzing around the town and exploring the covered bridges and the riverside towns that border Woodstock. Its peaceful, beautiful and relaxing. However, if you are looking for fun, great food and shopping, this would not be your town.

I would recommend it for someone looking for a peaceful or even romantic get away.

Hope this is helpful!


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