Taking care of YOU during the COVID-19 (and any true crisis)

My girlfriend sent me a nice little blurb last night. She must have received this blurb from another friend or maybe even found it on social media. The words were very calming and, temporarily, they set me at ease. I took a screen shot of her text and plan to refer to it when I need to remember what is important, especially during this very trying time.

Our country is facing a crisis, it is not the first one and it certainly will not be the last one. In times like these (meaning hard times), it makes me think about what is truly important. I will be honest, the last couple of months have been rough. I am highly intuitive and something has been very “off” for me. I wasn’t sure if I was having a mid-life crisis or if something was off in the Universe or if I was just feeling discontent with things, but something was not right. Now I understand.

I am usually a very content person, grateful, happy, a true minimalist, a self driver of expectation and someone who does not stop until she gets what she wants and I am also very accountable for all my actions. However, the last few months I have found myself to be ungrateful, discontent, argumentative, unhappy, looking for more more more and not focused on what is important. Gratefully, that passed and a couple weeks ago I did snap out of it. I realized I was the Director of my own movie, how things play out for me are a direct result of the choices and decisions I make and that if I want to go back to being the happy, grateful, mindful person that I am, I need to own it.

So I did. I owned it!

Thankfully I owned it because now the true crisis is here. No longer am I experiencing my own self induced crisis, I am living, alongside everyone else, a true community crisis. Jobs are being lost, people are sick, the economy is plummeting and as a community we are facing so many different challenges that we never before have had to handle. Kids “distance learning”, social isolation, lack of amenities, wide-spread sickness. It is terrifying for some of us, if not all.

However, I am feeling the calmwhich I have spoken about in my coaching and written about in my previous articles. The calm wasn’t always something I was used to. Growing up in a very dysfunctional environment and living with anxiety since I was a child, I was not familiar with calm. Worry, anxiety, distrust, fear….those resonated with me, but calm, that was foreign. After recovery, calm became the new norm and I had to learn to live in it. Its been such a trip but I got there. This calm….I strive for it. So now that we are in a true crisis, I am calm and that has helped me to look at things in a much more functional way.

So, as we move forward each day in a world full of chaos, fear and anxiety I urge you to shift all of your focus away from what you cannot control and focus your mind and power on your mental and physical wellness!

I ask you, today, to think about all the things you can control and continue to do the things that you enjoy while taking care of the most important person in the Universe…YOU!

  • jot down a list of your favorite things, things that bring you joy and happiness. now post that list somewhere visible to you and try to do whatever is on that list at least once a day;
  • stay away from media and even better, social media. focus on you, your family, anything but the media/social media;
  • in this time of isolation use it wisely. learn to cook. clean out the basement. start an at home exercise routine (there are many apps and online exercise programs and most are free);
  • implement a “screen free” block of time during the day and hang out with just yourself or your family. go for a walk. play board games. color. blog. journal;
  • start a DIY project. the one you have always wanted to do but didn’t have time for. do it now.
  • go through old clothes and get rid of them. now is the time to donate things you aren’t using. not only does the de-cluttering process feel awesome, there will be so many people in need soon;
  • enjoy this time with yourself. do yoga. read. go for walks in nature. create a self care routine that you will stick to even after this crisis is over;
  • stay positive. battle isolation by calling your friends / family daily and checking in with them. use facetime and really connect;
  • cook meals at home and implement family dinner time (no screens);
  • also support the local restaurants by ordering take out at least once a week;
  • keep things in perspective, we will survive this but its going to change things for a while, and that is ok!

I could go on and on but you get the point!

-love, health, happiness and calm


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