Yoga and Barre From Afar

In light of the issues we are having in our country and the fact that we are in the middle of a crisis and most of us, if not all of us are quarantined at home and are not able to live out our daily routines that have all but defined us, I am offering free online intermediate Yoga and Barre classes. For those who are struggling with how to keep to their exercise routines now that everything is closed this could be a fantastic option to keep your fitness routine alive. Fortunately Yoga and Barre are exercises that can pretty much be done anywhere as long as you have the space and the motivation.

As I have discussed in my previous articles, it is important to create a “sacred space” in your home – just for your own peace of mind and sanity. This sacred space can now be the space where we practice Yoga together. If you are a beginner or intermediate student online sessions (one on one especially) can be a real benefit to you especially if you are still a little unsure of the poses. This way of learning can help you. Being in your own home with only the teacher can certainly give you a little more confidence to push yourself and help you focus on poses that need some work.

Fitness is a huge part of being healthy and whole and unfortunately it becomes one of the first things that gets left behind during difficult times. This is actually when we need a fitness, nutrition and meditation routine the most.

We are for sure in trying times right now and it is important that we create a calm and healthy environment as we travel through this chaotic journey back to normalcy.

If you would like to schedule free one on one Barre or Yoga classes (30 – 40 minute sessions), please contact me to schedule. We will use the program Zoom which is free and can be used on cell phone or your computer.

I wish all of you love, health, calm and support during this time!
Remember, this is only temporary and we will bounce back stronger than ever.

Love, health, serenity and calm


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