Empowered Feminine Energy

Learning how to balance your feminine and masculine energy (think ying / yang) is not an easy task, especially in today’s society.

Women are becoming more and more independent by honing in on their masculine energy.  Some by choice and others by the natural progression in our society. In addition to being focused on their blossoming career they also tend to be one who controls a good portion of their home life.  Carrying much of the responsibilities with regard to children, families, maintaining the home and household finances, basically managing a structured home life which tends to run like a well oiled machine. This comes, at a cost.

With women handling (and managing) so much responsibility (at home and work) which keeps them “in control” they tend to lose a lot of their feminine energy and be more connected to their masculine energy. Most “Super” women are not even aware that this is happening. Over the course of the past couple decades roles have shifted (good and bad) and today there are more woman in the workforce than ever before and these women are in significant roles in their career and are left with a delicate balancing act juggling career, home, family and self. As I said earlier, this comes at a cost and something usually ends up giving…something ends up suffering from being pulled in too many directions.

So let us look at a few things and discover how we can shift or tweak this trend a bit.

Feminine Energy is –

  1. intuition
  2. emotions
  3. connection to nature
  4. being in tune with the cycles of life and the seasons
  5. creativity
  6. seeing the beauty in things
  7. positive
  8. gentleness
  9. gives life
  10. attracts
  11. receives
  12. water element
  13. empathy
  14. sensuality
  15. spiritual

Next, how does a woman learn how to “be” vs. “do”?

How does she let go of control and allow things to happen?

How can she balance career, home, family and most importantly (and yes I mean this) self?

How can she focus and enjoy the experience or the Journey and not focus or try to predict the end result and surrender to the unknown?

These are questions I would love for you to be able to ask yourself and then work through your answers when you are completely still.

My simple but not only answer is – this beautiful woman needs to do the things that bring outs and fosters her feminine energy as well as help her regain balance and the natural flow of this incredible energy.

I am sure you are asking yourself, what are “these things” that can do that? what can bring out and foster feminine energy?

Those things can include (but are not limited to):

  1. Dancing – put on some music (whatever you music speaks to your soul) and sway to the beat, move around, jump around, do not stay still…just move!  Enjoy the sound of the music and sing if your soul desires to do so.
  2. Surround yourself with beauty! choose feminine colors (like pink, red, or peach), soft fabrics, amazing scents, soft flowers like daisies and tulips, and listen to beautiful sounds.
  3. Institute a “free day” – yes, a day free of plans where you just go with the flow and see where the day takes you.
  4. Do Yoga, any kind, anytime of the day…honor your body by stretching and releasing your tension and leaving all your worries “on the mat”.
  5. Foster your creativity:
    1. Crafting
    2. Painting
    3. Gardening
    4. Home decor/improvement
    5. Art
    6. Fashion
    7. Crocheting/knitting/sewing
    8. Writing
  6. Learn about yourself by being sensual – draw yourself a warm bath with Epsom salt and essential oils; burn your favorite scented candle; listen to soft music; read a book; relax and enjoy.  Do anything that stimulates all 5 senses.
  7. Create an intimate moment with your husband or boyfriend.
  8. Journal about what being feminine means to you.

When we embrace and nurture our feminine energy we drawn in success (personal and professional), amazing people, and healthy relationships without the hustle and grind and of course the stress of trying to make things happen.

So ask yourself where are you most blocked?

What will you do to discover your feminine energy?

Contact me and let me know if you would like guidance while trying to discover this energy.


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