(Day Two) what makes you happy and what sets your mind free

As I mentioned in my blog yesterday What brings you happiness I am going to blog every day for one week about happiness and what makes us feel happy.

Today I would like to define happiness –

happiness is the state of being happy

happy is a sense of confidence and satisfaction

– dictionary

Do these terms resonate with you?

Do you feel you are happy? and

How would you define the term happiness?

I encourage you to write your answers in your journal!

Personally, I feel that happiness is subjective and what makes us happy is a very personal thing. I also don’t believe it is possible to be happy all the time. There are times when people have “off” days, its a fact. Whether we are tired, cranky, over worked, overwhelmed or even just bored with our routine….we might not be especially…happy. But that doesn’t mean we are not happy people or that we don’t have great lives. This is normal.

There are also situations where people struggle with anxiety, depression and/or mental illness and they struggle to find internal happiness and contentment. This is their norm. Happiness would have a completely definition for those who are struggling.

Since life is so short and time is not something we can ever get back my goal is to carve out a little piece of happiness in every day. Whether its first thing in the morning when I shut out the world and enjoy my coffee and some time with my dog or its when I prepare a fabulous meal for my family to enjoy. Other times its a simple walk through my gardens or a 5 mile hike or mountain bike ride. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, as long as I am enjoying myself while I am doing it.

There is always something to complain about…but there is also so much to be grateful for.

Focus on what makes you happy, right now…

Some simple words came to mind when I thought about what happiness means to me:

  • meaning
  • purpose
  • change
  • rebirth
  • reinventing
  • discovery
  • giving back
  • learning
  • personal growth
  • teaching
  • self

I won’t define these words with my meanings, I encourage you to define them on your own. Break out your journal and whatever words resonate with you…define them.

This has been a short but sweet blog..but there is more to come tomorrow!

love and happiness for you


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