Day Three and Four of What Makes You Happy!

It is the morning of my favorite holiday, Easter! ❤

I am so blessed to be writing this from my most sacred space in my home, which is my office. My “office” is a little room (which was once a closet) that I carved out of my bedroom. It is so simple and peaceful, a serene spot which really does bring me so much happiness. I will describe it so you can maybe imagine it – it’s small, cozy and bright and filled with some things I love the most….sunlight, candles, pictures of my boyfriend and my boys, a writing desk and my computer so I can do this…..write.

Writing is cathartic to me, it brings me joy, peace and it helps me to clear my mind. The truth is, I write for myself as much as I write for others. It is an amazing outlet for someone who thinks too much, like me (yes, I have what they call monkey brain). I actually started this novice writing career by journaling so I could get all that spooling information out of my head and once I did the rest just fell into place for me. Not only is it incredibly therapeutic for me, but it is also helpful to others which is another thing that brings me happiness, helping people.

So….today’s blog is a continuation of my “What brings you happiness?” theme. As I have stated in my previous two blogs about happiness…I think we are all dealing with a lot of different feelings right now such as confusion, fear, and isolation. There are also a number of people who have underlying issues like anxiety or depression and I am sure they are being “triggered”. This can be a very painful experience and difficult to handle. I sympathize completely.

When I write about “happiness” I am not talking about superficial happiness (i.e. if I buy that boat it will make me happy). I am talking about internal happiness that is not based on a dependency for something to happen (i.e. once I get that job, I will be happy). Now as I stated people with underlying issues might have a difficult time with the concept of happy, because I know that most everyday is a struggle for them to find that “happiness” and this is something I am quite familiar with because I have what they call “high functioning anxiety”.

When I speak, I speak from experience and truth…I am not just rumbling some nonsense about unobtainable happiness. It took me MANY years of therapy to work through my issues, to develop coping skills and define my own happiness….which by the way does exist.

As I said on day two (yes, I skipped a day, sorry) happiness is defined by you and is personal only to you. What makes me “happy” or content as I like to say, may not make you happy and visa versa. We are unique beings.

That being said, today…on this beautiful Easter morning, even as I sit here alone with no one around me, I feel blessed. I have myself, a clear mind, little anxiety, I am physically healthy, I have a beautiful home, my children are happy and healthy, my gardens are thriving, and most of all I have peace and contentment inside me – something I never thought I would experience. That to me is true happiness.

So today I encourage you to think about what makes you happy, what are you grateful for, what are you looking forward to as you think about the day ahead?

I would love to know.

As always but especially today I wish you love, light, contentment and health❣


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