Day Five – the pursuit of happiness

Today is day 5 of my blog about happiness….a continuation of my original post What brings you happiness.

Life has slowed down a bit and that is a good thing….could we really have kept going at the pace we were at? I don’t think so.

As a community I feel we have lost sight of what is truly important. Time, health, friends/family and nature to name a few. This virus, although an absolutely horrific thing to have to deal with as a country from a financial perspective and individually as our personal health is at stake, has allowed us to take a breath, spend some time at home, with our families and more importantly….outside in nature.

As an avid hiker, biker, walker and gardener I will tell you…it has been AMAZING seeing swarms of people outside walking in my neighborhood (in all my years here I have never seen kids outside on bikes or couples walking); couples and individuals on the trails biking and hiking; kids riding their bikes (and I don’t mean in their driveway) and playing outside (that is so sad I have to celebrate this); and there are so many people working in their yards.

I LOVE it!!

Things will get back to “normal” at some point, whatever that is. I hope that normal includes less social media, more family time and more people outdoors.

This leads me to the purpose of this blog…what makes you happy, what brings you happiness, and how can you add more happiness to your life?

Today we are in the midst of a big storm, its rainy, dreary, cold and very windy. It is easy to feel a little blue, a little unmotivated and even a bit anxious when the weather is not ideal. However, I feel this is a good time to be grateful for your shelter that keeps you warm and dry; the downtime this allows you; and also remembering that storms bring the best skies ever and don’t forget, April showers bring May flowers…and yes that sounds super cheesy, but it is the truth.

Yesterday I spent a significant of time gardening. I get lost in the idea of what my gardens are going to eventually look like. I know that all the hard work I am doing now will pay off substantially in a month or so. That is how we have to look at things. Whenever you put the hard work in, there is a benefit. Simple concept but so accurate.

So today, think about what makes you happy, what fills your soul, what is the magic that fills your world?

Tell me….


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