Day Six – is happiness a choice?

Today is day 6 of my blog about happiness….a continuation of my original post What brings you happiness.

I am feeling controversial today. I am wondering how people feel about the statement – Happiness is a Choice.

On one hand I feel it is, but there are exceptions to the rule and the first one that comes to mind is people who struggle with mental illness / personality disorders…I do not feel happiness is a true choice for anyone that is struggling with any sort of mental health issues. For them, happiness is fleeting, if at all.

However, for people who do not struggle with these issues I feel that happiness is a choice and depending on your perspective and mindset some people might even be their own worst enemy when it comes to happiness.

As I have said in my previous articles and blogs, we are the Director of our own lives, our choices dictate the outcome and most of the time we can trace back anything in our lives, good or bad, to a choice we have made. The happiest and most content people I know are the ones who take onus of the direction their life took, the choices they made and the outcome that was produced. They are not blamers, they are not victims. They take accountability for who they are and their part in the story.

Happiness isn’t always an “up” feeling, sometimes it is just feeling content. Nothing good and nothing bad is happening, its just a state of being. If you are always looking to feel “up” or “excited” or “stimulated”, that is not happiness, that is validation, stimulation, need and greed. Happiness comes in the form of contentment with what you have, gratitude and feeling blessed for experiencing a moment. Grateful for what currently exists and not always needing something else to make you happy.

I could really go on and on but I think you get the point.

Today, I am grateful for the intense sunshine that is filling the room through every window. Yesterday we had severe storms that I was convinced was going to take the siding off my house. It didn’t, although it did take down a massive tree.😮

That crazy storm brought us clear skies, greener grass, a renewed spirit and gratitude for the sunshine. These storms help us to appreciate the beautiful days so much more.

If you are experiencing a storm in your life right now, let it pass knowing tomorrow will bring a new and beautiful day.

Love light and happiness…


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