Day Seven – it’s your turn to define happiness…

Today is day 7 and the last entry of my blog about happiness….a continuation of my original post What brings you happiness.

Sorry for the delay of my last post in this series. Yesterday I injured myself working in the yard. I still feel and act like a twenty year old or maybe even a thirty year old and unfortunately my body feels differently. It really does affect me that I am not able to jump around and do the things I used to do without feeling the effects. Nine times out of ten I ignore the little aches and pains but this pain, is too much.

I digress

So I have spent the past 6 days talking about happiness, sharing my views, opinions, perspectives, etc.

Now I feel like its your turn…

As I sit here, a snowy morning in mid-April, which isn’t uncommon for New England, I think to myself, even during this pandemic and so much negative going on, how lucky I am for this moment.

I am sitting in my little (and I mean, little) office, its warm, bright, filled with all the things I love and I am doing what I love, writing…hopefully impacting someone out there and enjoying this time in my home. I have been social distancing, and taking it VERY seriously. I swear I am the poster child for social distancing right now. Been home, in this house for 4 weeks (Friday), only have left to go for walks and bike rides and go pick up groceries I ordered online. I only see the same 3 people however I do keep in touch with my co-workers and my friends quite often. I am so grateful to be able to work from home. Hell, I am grateful that I have my own home!

So amidst such chaos that I can’t help but read about, my heart is so full with gratitude for all that I have. My health, my home, my children, my boyfriend, my dog, my friends, my job, writing, my followers….all of it.

So it is very easy for me to say what makes me happy…its really the simplicity of my life; the happiness I create for myself; the people that are in my life; the things I surround myself with; and the sacred space I have created.

Tell me, as I end this happiness serious, what makes you happy? what brings you moments of joy? what gives you a feeling of contentment? if you don’t feel happiness, joy or contentment, how can we change that?

If you don’t want to post it, email me

I wish you happiness and contentment..


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