Accepting our Bodies as They Are

Oh the changes we face as women when we enter peri-menopause. Its actually maddening how quick the changes start to appear, and how much these changes actually affect your life and not in a positive way.

There are times I feel like I have so much time left, I feel young and full of energy, and….beautiful.

But those “good feelings” have shown themselves less and less over the past year and my “good weeks” have dwindled down to a measly one week out of the month. Its horrifying at times how “crazy” I feel. Thankfully I am really in tune with my body and I can feel the shift in my hormones instantly so I know when I start acting like a lunatic, that it is most likely these damn hormones.

Between the horrible PMS or PMDD (not sure which it is), the weeks of irritability, anger, anxiety and sadness and a day (or four) of migraines and let’s not forget the battle of weight gain (which I truly believe 90% of it is bloating) I can’t get any relief.

The weight gain has been strange! I am definitely someone who can easily lose or drop 10 pounds instantly and have been wearing the same size 4 for about 30 years…but for the past year or so my body looks and feels SO different. If I had to explain I would say puffy, lumpy, misshapen. Its terrible and so disheartening.


lets not forget to mention……

OMG MY HIPS! What the hell happened to them? they have EXPLODED! I feel like I got hip implants. My frame is too small for them, and I don’t know how to manage them.

I obviously am a yogi, a nutrition buff, a lover of all exercise and I am consistently active. SO WHY CAN’T I KEEP THESE HIPS AT BAY???

I digress…

So as a coach I encourage and guide my clients in a self – love and self – acceptance direction. The path to happiness is accepting ourselves for exactly who we are. Especially when we treat ourselves with kindness and respect and we treat our bodies as sacred. I believe in this 100%.

This is why I exercise daily, even if all I have time for is stretching. I do just that.

I eat well, I indulge when I want to, but otherwise I am balanced. I watch my intake of many things but don’t deprive myself either.

I treat myself to things, I surround myself with beauty, I only engage with people who are all things good and I keep away from anyone toxic.

I have a fantastic boyfriend, a wonderful career, great kids and a very balanced life.

What’s missing you ask?

Accepting the changes in my body….maybe not loving them, but accepting that this is the natural course of life. I can’t change it, I won’t alter it, but I can accept it.


I will!

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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