Gratitude is a thing and so is perspective!

As I sit on my deck this morning drinking my coffee and writing this blog I can’t help but to share where I am at, mentally.

It is very easy to focus (heavily) on what we do not have and the problems we face or even things that aren’t happening but we worry they will. For some, this could be a huge hurdle. However, trust me when I say, even in the darkest of times, there is always something to be grateful for.

I am a recovering drama queen and worry wart. Histrionics was my thing. Worrying myself to death and over dramatizing every single situation, real or imagined.

Over time, with a great therapist and some awesome coaching I was able to shift this mindset, learn tools to redirect my thoughts and get myself out of my head and into reality.

One of my favorite and most simple statements is “will this matter a year from now”. The answer is almost always a NO. Most of the time whatever the “crisis” is, won’t matter in the morning.

My other favorite statement is “you bring about what you think about”. How true is that? Seriously!! How many times have you obsessed so much about something that wasn’t even happening and then ultimately it becomes a reality!

Have you ever had a situation arise that you choose to not give any energy to and it eventually just disappears?

So how we handle our thoughts and our fears is critical and that’s why I say, perspective is everything, always!

In the beginning of the Covid crisis I did a week long session on happiness. I did this not only for my followers and clients but also myself.

The mind is a very powerful tool!

We have the power, most of the time, to determine our happiness level. I have learned, from experience that it’s all a matter of perspective. I know some people will not share this thought process with me and I am ok with that. I too thought my happiness, comfort and well being was in the hands of everyone and everything but me. However, that is so untrue.

We are not victims!

We have power, not over other but over ourselves. We have the ability to make changes. We have the tools to drive life in the direction we want it to go. We are the director of the movie we call life.

The hardest part….is embracing the unknown. By changing our mindset we are changing a deep rooted thought process. It is very hard to undo old unhealthy habits but it’s totally 100% possible. And, this is the most important step in true happiness and contentment.

Happiness can come in many many forms. This morning, right this second, nothing especially exciting is happening…except to me everything right now is magical. It’s a warm, dewy, sunny morning…I am on my deck with my dog and we are surrounded by my beautiful plants, I am looking out at the woods and all I can hear are the birds chirping, the bees are busy buzzing around my flowers and of course the scurrying sounds of little creatures like chipmunks and even a woodchuck. To me, this is magical. The most amazing start to a day that can go many ways. I am happy.🥰

I empower you to find the magic in your day. Create it. Dream it. It’s there.



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