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How do you start your day?

“Every day we are born again

– Buddha

There are so many ways to begin making little and impactful changes in your life. Personally I found that starting with a morning routine was the best place to begin my Journey to an emotionally healthy lifestyle.

Thankfully I am a morning person so creating a morning routine was easy, and exciting for me.  I also love a challenge! My focus lately has been on balancing my hormones. The past year I have really been experiencing some extreme changes with my body which is impacting my mental wellness. Throughout the past few years I have been embarking on a Journey of health (mentally and physically) and I recognize that with each change in my life, my body, and my mind, I have to tweak my wellness routine.

My current routine is very important to me as it provides me with the structure I crave but is also quite flexible and it gives me something to look forward to each day as I rise in the morning.  This positive start to my day gets my head in the right place so I am ready to tackle my day with a clear mind and a peaceful soul.

I am grateful for this practice and I continue to alter it to adjust to life’s little changes and challenges.

It takes 26 days for a habit to become a lifestyle.

Below are some”morning ritual” ideas to help you create your own daily practice –

  • Wake up with the sunrise (“early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” – Benjamin Franklin, famously)
  • Drink a glass of room temperature water (with lemon if you can – fantastic liver cleanse)
  • Intermittent fast – there are many helpful articles out there that offer the varying types of fasting that is not only beneficial but its quite easy. I alter mine to my lifestyle because we can’t always stick to one style. Most days I stop eating by 6 or 7 am and do not eat any food until 10 or 11am, this helps to kick start my metabolism but also helps me cut down on inflammation.
  • Walk the dog / get on the treadmill (I don’t care how cold or hot it is, get that body moving)
  • Eat cold oats
  • Eat a cup of chai seed pudding – my favorite recipe is 1/4 cup chai seeds, 1 cup coco milk, tsp raw honey, add blueberries, peaches or whatever fruit you desire – its magical (see picture above)
  • Make a collagen smoothie – google smoothie recipes for some awesome ideas
  • Brush your teeth, wash your face, give yourself a mini facial or at least a detox scrub (I have some fantastic organic facial recipes to share)
  • Do at least 20 minutes of yoga stretches or if you are feeling bold do a 30 minute power yoga session 🙂
  • Start an exercise routine
  • Make a hot cup of coffee or green tea – drink it slow and savor the flavor 🙂
  • Meditate for at least 5 minutes (download the Simple Habit, Calm or HeadSpace app for an easy guided meditation) – or just sit in silence as you drink your tea/coffee/smoothie
  • Practice grounding and earthing
  • Peruse your garden and cut fresh flowers for your home – assuming you have a garden, if not, steal your neighbors flowers and put them in a vase (LOL, kidding, well, kind of) – every morning, right before coffee, I wander through my perennial gardens and soak up the sounds of the birds, the beautiful colors and the warm air. See pic’s below of my beauties.
  • Write in your journal (express your gratitude, set your goals, write down your worries and let them go) – Don’t know how to journal or where to begin?  start here
  • Read your gratitude list out loud and thank the Universe, God, Buddha, whatever you believe in for another beautiful day in this life
  • Take a hot shower and be in the moment (you can also take a hot bath with Epsom salt and lavender before bed to wash away the day)
  • Get ready for your day (do your hair, put on makeup)
  • Dress to impress (even if you work from home – yoga pants are not pants)
  • If you commute, put on your favorite music or audio book – enjoy the time you have to yourself – not everyone gets this space to breathe

Over time and by creating daily KeyStone Habits you can learn to transform your life into the one you deserve.  For this, I like to use the term – stepping stones.  Every little step you take brings you one step closer to your new and healthy life.

With stepping stones you literally take each and every day, one step at a time.  It takes self awareness, inspiration, determination and the drive to want to change and the commitment to stay on task (and focused) as you begin your new Journey.  I know, because I have done this work and although there were times I wanted to quit, I am so grateful I didn’t.

Its just as easy and important to create an “evening wind-down ritual” as well (Contact Us for ideas to create your evening ritual).

Until soon!


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