My journey to balanced hormones…

So….I am proud to say that I recently started my journey to balancing my hormones about 6 months ago, although I have been inconsistently trying for much longer, I can honestly say I am FINALLY on the right path!

This journey has not been an easy one. I have been hopeful and felt hopeless all at the same time!


Because life gets in the way!


Although I am a pretty balanced and disciplined person, I am human and unfortunately because of that things can happen that prevent me from staying on course.


Because I am an “all or nothing” “black or white thinking” kind of gal, I tend to go all in with a deep dive approach and then burn out or do nothing (yep, its hard being me).

This time I have decided to tackle this issue in a balanced way. I first created what I like to call a Goal Book which is specifically for balancing my hormones. This book or journal (whatever you want to call it, its up to you) is my guide and helps me stay in tune to the big picture.

I started first with what my ultimate goal (or big picture is) – which I will share with you.

MY ULTIMATE GOAL is to be balanced, happy, healthy and comfortable in my own skin.

Simple right?

Not really.

I simplified the goal so that it is obtainable and not something I will never meet. I am not looking for 6 pack abs, I am not looking to be 20 again, I am not hoping to find the fountain of youth. I simply want to be comfortable with who I am. Luckily I am not overweight so I am not trying to reach a certain goal weight, in fact, I am quite comfortable with my body size, but what I am not comfortable with is the inflammation, bloating, and the feeling that I weigh 100 lbs more than I do. I am tired of the mood swings, the bloating, being irritable and angry and not being happy with me.

I digress…

So my ultimate goal…is to be comfortable, happy, healthy and balanced.

I also have many other goals that will trickle down once I meet the ultimate goal. Keystone habits play a big key part on this journey.

So, what does my journey look like?

I am working on the following:

  1. Focusing on nutritional changes
  2. Changing my perspective and attitude
  3. Tweaking my exercise program
  4. Researching and understanding hormones
  5. Teaching myself about nutrition
  6. Holding myself accountable
  7. Taking a balanced approach vs. a deep dive
  8. Sharing my goals with a trusted friend
  9. Being patient with myself
  10. Loving myself on every single step I take on this journey

Now let’s deep dive into some of these –

I am not on a “diet” as I don’t believe in them and truthfully I have never had to be on one (thankfully), however there are many foods that make hormone imbalances much worse than they need to be. So I am working to discover which foods those are (they are different for each individual) and I either eliminate them or cut down on them. Also, there are certain foods such as fruits, veggies, whole grains, fats that are awesome for hormone imbalances and so I am adding these foods to my diet to replace the ones that wreak havoc on my soul!

Perspective is EVERYTHING in life. Our minds are our worst enemy and not always our friend. It is important to maintain a balanced and positive mindset when embarking on a journey like this. Its not a sprint, its a marathon. Some things work, some don’t. Its super easy to get discouraged. So my goal is to stay strong, positive and balanced.

I LOVE EXERCISE so this isn’t a big struggle for me. However, I have learned that as you age, your exercise program should be modified. My body at 47 is much different than 27 and how it responds to exercise is much different as well. So I have chilled out on pounding away on the treadmill and now I opt for HIIT, Barre, Yoga, Hiking, Walking and Mountain Biking with some light weight training. Its working! I feel great.

Taking a balanced approach as well as holding myself accountable is important to me. After a trusted friend told me about her experience with Noom (no affiliation or kick backs) I decided to try it. I am on week one and I really enjoy it. It is a fun and fantastic way to hold yourself accountable with food, exercise and a positive and balanced mindset. So far, so good.

Being patient in general is always an issue for me and being patient with myself isn’t much different so I admit I am a continued work in progress. This also goes for “loving myself” along each step I take. Its easy to fall off the wagon by not taking my supplements, eating something I shouldn’t, forgetting (or refusing) to exercise or thinking negative thoughts. These are normal, and OK. I am learning to love myself for my successes and my failures, not an easy task but one that is so important to staying on this path.

So with this I leave you and will keep reporting back on my successes and failures. If you are looking to embark on a similar journey, please contact me today and we can do it together.

Happy Balancing!


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