are you a light worker?

So I recently discovered in a reading that I had with my favorite medium that I am what is called a “lightworker”. I wrote this word down in my notes that I took during my reading and didn’t think much of it.

Her words were –

“You are a lightworker – so shine – but not everyone deserves you – so don’t shine your light upon them”

I didn’t think much of this, in fact when I was going through and highlighting the points that I felt were relevant or critical for me to focus on, that wasn’t one of them. I find this odd because I think its not only relevant and critical but also a missing piece to my life’s puzzle.

After a few months I sat down to journal and I grabbed the journal that I used to write down my notes from the reading. There it was, unhighlighted, but standing out to me as if it were. At that moment I grabbed my pen and started writing what it meant for me to be a lightworker and how I felt in my soul that this is exactly what and who I am.

After I journaled this, I then googled “lightworker” and read about 6 different (amazing) articles on this topic and my own words and interpretation mirrored everything I read. It was truly magical.

As I was writing in my head the song “This little light of mine” was playing over and over in my head. It was beautiful.

“This little light of mine, I am going to let it shine, all around the neighborhood, I am going to let it shine”

and I am

So, for those of you who do not know, lightworkers are beings who feel an enormous pull towards helping others. Also referred to as crystal babies, indigos, Earth angels and star seeds, these spiritual beings volunteer to act as a beacon for the Earth, and commit to serving humanity. (this excerpt taken from

I love this!

So below is my own interpretation of what makes me an awakened light worker.

  • I am, by nature and not circumstance, deep, philosophical and spiritual and I find it hard to be around others that are not;
  • Although I am able to connect with people easily and quickly I am somewhat of a loner who enjoys being alone with my thoughts so I can recharge my internal battery. Peoples energy depletes me and its important to me to limit my time in chaotic or loud environments;
  • I understand now that my childhood trauma and challenges were not intended to hurt me, rather they were to awaken me;
  • I am on a continuous missing to improve my own life and the life of those around me. This also means letting go of people who are negative, toxic and do not add positive value to my life;
  • I am naturally creative and my healing modalities include energy work, writing, nature, yoga / healing body movements and one on one healing with those who can connect on a deeper level;
  • I am constantly moving into deeper self awareness and healing;
  • I am a powerful manifestor and as much as that is a gift, I have to be very careful as to where my focus lives;
  • I resonate with eastern philosophy;
  • My main goal in life is self improvement and self growth and how to better myself;
  • My connection to nature is powerful as I am completely aligned with this power source;
  • I have experienced multiple traumatic awakenings which have been exhausting and painful but necessary to get to the next level;
  • My calling has always been to help people which has also been a curse because not everyone wants or understands how to live their best life;
  • I am on a global effort to raise people’s consciousness.

I am madly in love with this discovery and purpose and will live this and be that continuous light for myself and those around me.

I am curious to see if anyone else has this power and if they have unlocked it? Please share with me your lightworker story!


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