Be who you wish to meet!

Would you date yourself?

I have been empowering myself the past few months to really dig deep and figure out who I am, what I want and who I want to spend the rest of my life with.

The intuitive message I received is….”would you date yourself?”

Chances are, if I don’t want to be with myself, why would anyone else want to be with me.  Right?

I remember a while back I was driving to town and I drove by a church, out front it had a sign that said “Be Who You Want to Meet”.  Awesome, that was pretty clear!  I love when I get messages like that.  They are so blatant but so intimate and personal at the same time.

So many of us ask the Universe for signs and answers and we miss them because we don’t accept these little messages as gifts from the Universe, but that is what they are.

After talking to a friend about some personal goals I am trying to achieve, I told him about my question…would I date myself.  He found this intriguing, as do I.

So I asked myself this question during my meditation session and ultimately the answer is yes – but let me just say, once you ask yourself this question, it prompts more questions and is very helpful with self discovery.

This simple question can lead to so many other questions that can then guide you to discover what areas you need to internally focus on to further develop yourself.

So, today I empower you to ask yourself…”would you date yourself”?

My advice, do not let your ego answer the question.  Really dig deep and then explore the why’s of yes and no…and focus on the positive not just the negative.

For example you might say, “yes of course I would date myself!” with sheer confidence .. like, “duh, why wouldn’t I, that’s just silly!”

Ok, yes, you are awesome and you would date yourself, now tell yourself why, and list all the reasons. (i.e. I am super smart, funny, a lot of fun to be with, spontaneous, good looking, etc).    Then ask yourself….would you date yourself for an extended period of time?  would you marry yourself?  are there things that would annoy you and if so, what are they? what do you see as a problem area if you were to date or marry yourself (i.e. are you stubborn, a poor communicator, selfish, a bad listener, can’t compromise, have a difficult time with monagomy, etc.”)

This is such a fantastic way to discover – (a) why you are able to attract but not sustain a partner (b) not attract a partner at all (c) why you aren’t able to commit or (d) why you are fantastic at long term relationships.

We are all unique and have our own relationship successes and struggles.  Sometimes we know people who are super lucky and seem to have no issues with relationships and of course we also know people who can’t seem to get it right, ever (this was me).

They say where you put your energy and focus is what you end up manifesting.  So, when you want to change career fields what do you do?  you educate yourself, study, take courses, get certified etc.  Then you start looking for the job, putting your feelers out, creating an amazing resume and then go online and apply for jobs.  Therein starts the manifestation process.  You are now focusing your energy on this new “thing” you desire and that is how to manifest what you want.

Same goes for a relationship.  You attract, what you are.  You spend your energy on the wrong people, that is what you will continuously attract.  The other message is…be what you wish to attract.  Do you want someone who is emotionally balanced and healthy?  do you want someone who is independent and financially stable?  do you want someone who is fun and spontaneous? Great, now ask yourself, do you carry these traits as well?

If you are in a place of emotional unavailability, guess what, you will manifest and draw to you the like.  yep, someone who is also emotionally unavailable.  Its really that simple.  If you are unhappy, depressed, anxious, commitment phobic, untrusting what do you think you will draw towards you?

It is not rocket science and the law of attraction is not hokey pokey.  Think about it, have you ever have a bad day? you spill coffee on yourself on your way to work and you get angry, then you get in the car and you are out of gas so you get even angrier then you get to work and you spill water all over your keyboard (yes all of this has happened to me).  The energy is like a hamster wheel and you can’t get off.

The lesson here is, the more you feed that negative energy the more you will attract it.

If you simply just breathe…change your shirt or pants and do not allow negative energy to take over, then you can carry on with your day.  Even if you are out of gas…ok, go to gas station and fill the tank and again, carry on with your day.  Leave all that negative energy behind.  Otherwise you will have an entire day filled with negative things happening.

You can also turn negative things around and make them positive.  The power really does live inside of you.

So my message to you is to be who you want to meet.  Such a simple concept but so powerful at the same time.

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