Improve your life with these simple and amazing Keystone Habits

Let’s start with defining Keystone Habits!  This is a term I discovered while I was in trauma therapy years ago and by far this concept has added so much value to my life.

Simply put, Keystone Habits are small healthy and positive changes or habits that people introduce into their daily routines that unintentionally carry over into other aspects of their lives.  (Think wellness.)  These habits spark a chain reaction of other positive and healthy habits and can rapidly alter every aspect your life, in a positive way.

Keystone Habits work because they focus on making quick and dynamic changes in your life by producing a trickle-down effect.  Soon after implementing a habit you will notice more opportunities for self-improvement from the Keystone Habits that you’re forming.

Success with a Keystone Habit happens when you take that first step.  I lovingly refer to these steps as “stepping stones”, you will see this term throughout a number of my articles here on my website and on the Elephant Journal platform.

Right now, I encourage you to make a list of all the positive habits you would like to develop and sustain.  Pay close attention to the ones that can have a ripple-effect in your life. Once you are super clear on the positive habits you would like to develop, focus on these new habits over the next 30 days (it takes about 26 days for something to become a habit). You will be surprised at how this small change can generate many so positive outcomes.

One generic example includes starting an exercise plan – after about a week you start feeling amazing, healthy and strong with more energy; naturally you start to eat better, consuming less processed foods and drinking more water; this then leads to a better nights sleep, which ultimately leads to a better more positive outlook and more energy, less anxiety, depression, exhaustion, etc.  Make sense?  See the positive flow? The key here is to keep going, don’t stop because this is your new, healthy and positive routine which was created out of habits!

I love the way that works!

As always, with any new concept, I suggest starting small (stepping stones) because every thing you do that becomes a habit takes true commitment, repetition and consistency.  If you start too many rituals or habits at once you will lose focus and burn out.

If you are a morning person, I suggest you create an amazing morning routine which will start the day off right for you, and in turn if you are an evening person, you can do the same, which I call a wind-down routine.

You can gain ideas from my blogs or simply design your own (google can help you).  If you want a more individualized plan, I can help you, just sign up today for a free coaching consultation.


Keystone Habits can include (but are certainly not limited to):

  1. Family dinner with no electronics – have each member of your family report a WIN for the day sharing something positive that happened to them
  2. Make your bed every morning – there is nothing more amazing than having a tidy bed, you know a messy bed just looks horrible
  3. Exercise regularly – yoga, walking, hiking, join a gym, take a class, stretch – just move your body
  4. Eat healthier and often – fresh foods, greens – reduce processed foods
  5. Create daily routines – wake with the sunrise, make a yummy morning smoothie, do yoga, no electronics first thing, walk the dog, read the paper, drink coffee in silence
  6. Add meditation to your morning/evening routine – I call my meditation time, quiet time, whether its 10 minutes or an hour, its my quiet time to just be
  7. Goal setting – weekly/monthly/daily – goal setting helps you stay on track
  8. Journal your thoughts, goals and gratitude – every day there is something to be grateful for, write it down and thank your Higher Power for another day in this life
  9. Early to bed/early to rise – change your bedtime routine to include meditation, a hot bath and a good book – put down your phone, turn off the tv
  10. Read, everything and anything – feed your brain good things and stop feeding it things on social media 🙂
  11. Set financial goals/budget
  12. Reduce your time on social media, or better yet, let go of it, if you can!
  13. Remove toxic people from your life, and introduce people who bring out the best in you

Start today and start small and watch the magic truly unfold!

Until soon!


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