Allow your past lovers to be your greatest teachers

For now, this moment, let us try to understand what brought us to where we are.  Let us be kind to ourselves as we dive deep into our soul and carve out a space for acceptance as we recognize each and every person that has brought us to life and to the depths of despair in our time together.

When we ruminate on what was, and what could be, we are ignoring what is.  

What brought us to where we are today is a series of lessons which includes so many things such as love, passion, sex, tears, heartbreak, loss, excitement, newness, trauma, pain, and lust.  

These lessons are what have formed our very being and helps us design our makeup as this amazing human who breathes life and has every opportunity to embrace what is ours to touch, feel, taste and desire.

We shall not fear what we do not understand, we shall embrace it with our entire being as it is the magic that sustains our soul and keeps us alive.

That love, that fire, that kiss, that last goodbye.  The feelings and experiences that shaped us, that fueled us to feel and desire more.  This is where the belief that there is not only “one” love that wins our soul in a lifetime, comes from.  Love can happen many many times depending on how many lessons are needed to be learned.

So allow each loss, each gut wrenching feeling, each tear and each fear to drive us to love stronger, and better each time.  Let us learn how to move forward with every ounce of our being as we escape the sadness that is so deep in our core that there doesn’t seem to be one moment of peace.  

Allow these feelings to pass as you look towards the future to the next experience on your Journey of love and acceptance.

Because, in the deepest darkness, we do see the light that is beyond our reach.  In time, as the darkness fades and the light seeps in, we are able to feel again as we make our way to becoming whole.

Let these feelings fuel you and drive you to never stop loving, feeling, crying, touching, kissing and embracing the moment in which your soul is full.

It is in those exact moments that the biggest lessons are learned.

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