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Fitness Over Forty – get balanced

Hormones got you down? Feeling like you are on a constant roller coaster? PMS a thing for you? Time to try a few things to get you balanced and in a good place, physically and emotionally. I suffer terribly from PMS - or whatever they call it now. I know my body so well I… Continue reading Fitness Over Forty – get balanced

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Fitness over Forty – fitness the right way

This fitness over forty blog is for anyone at any fitness level. The focus is not solely on physical fitness, but emotional fitness as well. Fitness or a healthy lifestyle is all inclusive...body, mind and spirit and soul. You can have a perfectly fit body but your mind could be a mess. The goal is… Continue reading Fitness over Forty – fitness the right way

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why infidelity will never plague my life again

Infidelity can rock your world and turn it upside down. True healing from infidelity is a long hard and painful process full of many ups and downs. When you come out the other side, you truly are a different person. Stronger, smarter and more aware of how fragile your soul can be. You learn that… Continue reading why infidelity will never plague my life again

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Steps to Clearing Emotional Pain

When you are in a place of healing and know that you have hit a wall, you have worked with a therapist and / or life coach to identify the causes of the issues you are experiencing, you have journaled, meditated and created a self care routine but you still feel like you are stuck… Continue reading Steps to Clearing Emotional Pain

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The Key to Happiness Is….

Letting go of the past and not letting it define you. Easier said than done, I know. But if you look at the past as a means of learning and if you don't allow yourself to live in the past, you can redefine your future and use all the lessons you have learned to do… Continue reading The Key to Happiness Is….