what the f&$k is self love?

I love when people ask me that?   My response is always the same, its personal to YOU! My personal definition of self love is awareness, its being kind to yourself, trusting yourself, asking yourself for advice before you run to others.  Its trusting that you will not abandon or neglect yourself.  Its being incredibly comfortable … Continue reading what the f&$k is self love?

Are you a co-dependent?

Are you questioning if you are a co-dependent, deeply involved in a toxic relationship with either an addict, another co-dependent, avoidant or narcassist? First, lets start with defining co-dependency. What Is Codependency? Codependency is a relationship pattern where a person becomes overly focused on helping, rescuing or controlling others. Their identity gets defined by what … Continue reading Are you a co-dependent?

You should be your own best friend

It sounds cliché, but as we struggle with so many life situations, which sometimes for us it means learning how to forge forward during really tough times, it is important to be grounded in who we are and focus on what brings us joy. I do believe in joy, whatever package that comes in, because … Continue reading You should be your own best friend

Allow your past lovers to be your greatest teachers

For now, this moment, let us try to understand what brought us to where we are.  Let us be kind to ourselves as we dive deep into our soul and carve out a space for acceptance as we recognize each and every person that has brought us to life and to the depths of despair … Continue reading Allow your past lovers to be your greatest teachers

Relieve anxiety by “grounding” or “earthing”

I have personally struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember. As a child I always had this feeling of wanting to crawl out of my own skin and even worse was the big red rubber ball that I always felt was going to run me over as it continuously chased me. Crazy … Continue reading Relieve anxiety by “grounding” or “earthing”