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Second Chances

It feels and smells like it did 9 years ago back when I lived on the lake, the kids were smaller, life was a bit more difficult...but I was settling down into the life I created after my divorce. Ironic, I am right back where I was 9 years ago...however, I am smarter, stronger the… Continue reading Second Chances

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What if you are the emotionally unavailable one?

We have all dated that person, the one that is never quite ready for a commitment (with you).  They drive you to the brink of insanity and then pull you back in igniting passion that you never knew you had inside you. They keep you on your toes, waiting with baited breath for every text,… Continue reading What if you are the emotionally unavailable one?

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Daily Prompt: Warning

Via Daily Prompt: Warning Warning 911 - is the first thing that comes to mind. However the next thought is about our warning centers within our bodies.  When your hand gets too close to a flame or a burner...your brain sends out a warning signal.  DO NOT TOUCH is the message.  Right? The same is… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Warning