What brings you happiness..

I have decided to post short daily blogs each morning that focuses on happiness and the magic of life! With so much negative information being reported daily our minds are naturally focused on what’s happening in our country and we are spending countless hours reading and listening to panic inducing stories, statistics and opinions. It … Continue reading What brings you happiness..

Taking care of YOU during the COVID-19 (and any true crisis)

My girlfriend sent me a nice little blurb last night. She must have received this blurb from another friend or maybe even found it on social media. The words were very calming and, temporarily, they set me at ease. I took a screen shot of her text and plan to refer to it when I … Continue reading Taking care of YOU during the COVID-19 (and any true crisis)

How do you start your day?

"Every day we are born again" - Buddha Over time and by creating daily KeyStone Habits you can learn to transform your life into the one you deserve.  For this, I like to use the term - stepping stones.  Every little step you take brings you one step closer to your new and healthy life. With stepping … Continue reading How do you start your day?