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Happiness 101

Intro What is happiness? Happiness is different for each person.  If you asked three people what made them happy, I am sure every persons answer would differ in some way. That is why relationships are difficult.  One persons happiness is different than another and trying to meet expectations of another's happiness is difficult when you… Continue reading Happiness 101

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Second Chances

It feels and smells like it did 9 years ago back when I lived on the lake, the kids were smaller, life was a bit more difficult...but I was settling down into the life I created after my divorce. Ironic, I am right back where I was 9 years ago...however, I am smarter, stronger the… Continue reading Second Chances

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Via Daily Post:Broken Sometimes being broken is the best thing that can happen to a person.  Really, I mean this. You know very well how it happens, your navigating through life...all is well (so you tell yourself), you are happy (externally) and boom, something happens....a death, illness, infidelity, job loss, financial issues, etc. We have… Continue reading Broken

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Daily Post: Famous

Via Daily Post:  Famous I can't say I have ever wanted to be famous.  However, my biggest goal is to make an impact on another person's soul. Fame has never been of interest to me, especially since I believe there is something incredibly negative about needing so much validation from people (i.e. fame).  Have you… Continue reading Daily Post: Famous

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7 days of rejection challenge

I read a fabulous post on one of my favorite online yogi and mindfulness publications -The Elephant Journal.  It was about rejection and how much we fear it.  It is so true, we hang on to things that are bad for us, out of fear.  We don't go after the things we want because of… Continue reading 7 days of rejection challenge

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Learning to live in the calm

I read a fantastic article the other day that really resonated with me.  The writer was referencing how a lot of us have a difficult time living in the calm, therefore we [subconsciously] create our own drama just so we feel something. Sometimes, life can be too calm and in that calmness, for those of who… Continue reading Learning to live in the calm

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Journey to Discovering Your Purpose

Your purpose in life can be as simple or as complicated as you require it to be.  You don't need to aspire to be Beyonce or the Dahli Lama to have a meaningful life purpose.  The only thing you need it to do is fulfill yourself on all levels but mostly your soul level. Your… Continue reading Journey to Discovering Your Purpose