My Story!

I am a certified Spiritual, Life & Wellness Coach.  I am also a mother, sister, friend, daughter, yogi, a mindful and empowering soul, and a strong and impactful leader.

I am living the second of half of my journey the way I wish I lived the first half—in a state of peace and with intention. I am looking to join people on their journey and empower them to be their best while using all their tools to navigate through life. I absolutely love to write, garden, travel, hike, practice yoga and barre as well as watch documentaries (when there is time). Most of all, I enjoy Coaching and teaching about the importance of self love and self-care.

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We all have a gift that we have been given in this life and my gift and true passion is helping people.  I would say my specialty is teaching life skills after living and experiencing the effects of long-term trauma.

Coaching became part of my Journey when I started my own recovery from a long history of physical and mental abuse.  My soul became quite aware that from suffering came a beautiful gift that allows me to help those who have started on their Journey or need help taking that first step onto their new journey (I lovingly refer to these as stepping stones).

With my help you don’t just write a new chapter, you write a whole new book!

I have an open door policy for those who are emotionally exhausted, drained, confused, anxious, depressed and do not know where to begin on their own Journey.

Consider this is a spiritual home for those who need peace and balance.  I work to provide hope to those who wish for a better life and can’t see it…but can feel it and are ready to embark on the biggest Journey of their life.

Thank you for trusting me to join you on your new Journey….you will be happy you did!

Let’s start today!