Coach Avesha tailors all of her coaching programs specifically to the client, focusing on getting to the route of the issue and tackling it together, as a team.

Being part of a community is important. It gives us the opportunity to be honest and vulnerable. To build others up as we are being built up. To discover our gifts and talents as we help others do the same. To learn from others as they learn from us. And to see a larger picture of our Self in the world around us.

A truly unique coaching experience!

Service 1

Individual Coaching

There are those times when we all need a little help with certain areas of our lives.  Whether it be creating a self love/self care routing, finding emotional Balance, navigating through a problem(s) or working through imminent or residual trauma. Coaching can be a fantastic support system as you navigate through your Journey to emotional wellness.

Service 2

Relationship Coaching

As with individual coaching the same is for relationships…a majority of relationships may reach a period of time where a little help may be needed. A relationship coach can provide 3rd party, unbiased support to the couple in crisis as well as the individuals. There are many different approaches that can be taken but the ultimate goal is to provide relationship support as you navigate through life’s trying times and the difficult issues that you may face.
Areas of focus include:

Avesha offers one on one and couples coaching offering unbiased support and programs that are tailored to the clients relationship struggles.

Service 3

Wellness / Fitness Coaching

Together we can decide on the best program for you based on your level of interest, the time you can commit and current status of your health (and fitness level). So whether it be a mixture of multiple practices and different exercises or one sole concentration, we will design a program that will work for you and one that you are excited about!

Are you questioning if coaching is right for you?

Sign up today for a free 20 minute consultation and decide if coaching is the right approach for you. Avesha tailors her programs to the you, the client. Whether you are just looking for support in dealing with every day life; you are struggling with relationship issues and need an unbiased third party for support; you would like to start a wellness/exercise routine; you are struggling with self love and want to start a self care program; you would like support in goal setting; or you are struggling with old childhood or even adult trauma and are tired of carrying around the baggage and are ready to start your journey to healing. Sign up and lets see if coaching is right for you.

Let’s build something great together.