Personal Fitness Instruction

Looking to start a fitness routine but you just can’t get motivated?

Wanting to start a Yoga practice but you are too intimidated to join a class?

Have you heard about Barre and are interested in learning more about it but unsure about taking a class?

Then one on one instruction might be the right solution for you!

Having a personal coach helps you to ease into any practice, whether its Yoga, Barre, Pilates or any kind of fitness routine.

My whole life, starting as early as 3 years old, has been about fitness, dance, and truthfully any sort of activity that gets your body moving.

Together we can decide on the best program for you based on your level of interest, the time you can commit and current status of your health. So whether it be a mixture of multiple practices and different exercises or one sole concentration, we will design a program that will work for you and one that you are excited about!

Commitment to fitness is easier to obtain if you are passionate about what you are doing. For instance if you hate to run, then odds are you will not commit to a fitness program that involves running.

Let’s get started today!

We can do in person appointments as well as skype/facetime.



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