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How to relieve anxiety without meds by “grounding” or “earthing”

The most important thing about anxiety is to understand what it truly is. Anxiety is fear.Anxiety is lack of control.Anxiety is worry.Anxiety is self created (most of the time).Anxiety can be controlled. There are different types of anxiety, so I encourage you to educate yourself on the signs and symptoms and type of anxiety that… Continue reading How to relieve anxiety without meds by “grounding” or “earthing”

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Daily Post: Toxic

via Daily Post:Toxic What's toxic...let's see....there is toxic food, toxic (poisonous) chemicals, and of course, my favorite thing to avoid, toxic people. People can be super toxic, especially emotional vampires so beware and know that you do not have to tolerate toxic people or toxic behaviors. There is a way around toxic, avoidance.  Run, fast… Continue reading Daily Post: Toxic