Why you should heal your unresolved trauma

Everything starts with a vision and then it turns into a reality or a "thing". You must have a dream and that dream sparks a vision, that vision turns into a plan and that plan becomes reality! My dream is to do something I am completely passionate about... Helping People! Yes, the idea of helping … Continue reading Why you should heal your unresolved trauma

Recovery from Love Addiction – 101

A treatment program that you can do from the privacy of your Home As a recovered love addict / co-dependent I am able to provide unwavering support and guidance to the Love Addict (and Love Avoidant) as they embark their painful and necessary Journey of recovery. (please note: it is critical that the specified time … Continue reading Recovery from Love Addiction – 101

Never let anyone own your soul

Your soul is yours, do not give it away. It may seem like a simple statement, but it isn't. In many circumstances we give our soul away to someone who doesn't deserve it. Whether its a relationship, family, a business partner, or a friend, sometimes we let someone own us and control us without even … Continue reading Never let anyone own your soul