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Daily Post: Famous

Via Daily Post:  Famous I can't say I have ever wanted to be famous.  However, my biggest goal is to make an impact on another person's soul. Fame has never been of interest to me, especially since I believe there is something incredibly negative about needing so much validation from people (i.e. fame).  Have you… Continue reading Daily Post: Famous

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The Process of Healing from “Toxic”

Toxic by Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby via daily post: Toxic I read this fantastic article by Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby and identified with it completely so I thought I would take the time and write a short blog about healing and what this looks like to me, personally.  To some people who are knee deep in… Continue reading The Process of Healing from “Toxic”

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Daily Post: Deplete

Via Daily Post: Deplete Where do I even begin when it comes to all the things that can deplete our souls? People can deplete us. Our jobs can deplete us. Relationships can deplete us. and We can deplete ourselves. Life is a series of ups and downs and unfortunately we have no control over most… Continue reading Daily Post: Deplete

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Daily Post: Haul

Via Daily Post: Haul This Journey I am on has been a very long haul.  My commitment to healing past wounds from childhood to today has given a new meaning to the word healing. ~Healing begins from within~ I was tired of filling voids and living my life from a place of fear.  Trying to control… Continue reading Daily Post: Haul