Daily Post: Haul

Via Daily Post: Haul

This Journey I am on has been a very long haul.  My commitment to healing past wounds from childhood to today has given a new meaning to the word healing.

~Healing begins from within~


I was tired of filling voids and living my life from a place of fear.  Trying to control my environment hoping that I could keep myself safe as long as I was the gatekeeper to my own soul.  

Life doesn’t work that way.  We really control nothing but our own thoughts.  The Universe steps in, takes over and teaches us lessons that we really need to learn the first time because if we don’t….the lessons gets more difficult each time.

So, although healing from anything is a very long haul, the end result is a beautiful and peaceful life that no one can explain to you or lay out for you.  You have to trust the process, follow your own journey and create your own path and discover who you are in the process.

The haul is worth it.




Daily Prompt: Frigid

via Daily Post: Frigid

Temperatures can be frigid, especially during New England winters.

People can also be frigid.

There are those who do not allow you to emotionally connect with them and those who keep solid boundaries around their hearts.  You know those people who do not hug with their entire body and they look past you without making eye contact.

Frigid, is a temperature but also a temperament.




Prompts: Radiant

via Daily Post: Radiant

You are radiant, yes, you really are.

Has anyone ever told you that?  If yes, it felt amazing didn’t it?

If not, it doesn’t mean you aren’t radiant, because you are.

When a woman is home in her body…she radiates.  Its true.

I just found this quote:

“This is a woman whose body is so full of energy and Flow, so harmonized with the rhythm of nature, that she transmits light in the way she walks.”

As a woman we are all born with radiance…it is our choice to let it out and shine or to keep it locked away inside us.  Sometimes its blocked and needs to be released.

Let it out….let it shine…be radiant!


Daily Post: Toxic

via Daily Post:Toxic

What’s toxic…let’s see….there is toxic food, toxic (poisonous) chemicals, and of course, my favorite thing to avoid, toxic people.

People can be super toxic, especially emotional vampires so beware and know that you do not have to tolerate toxic people or toxic behaviors.

There is a way around toxic, avoidance.  Run, fast and far from toxic people.  Hide from them.  Do what you have to, but do not engage with toxic, there is no benefit.


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Daily Prompt: Warning

Via Daily Prompt: Warning

Warning 911 – is the first thing that comes to mind.

However the next thought is about our warning centers within our bodies.  When your hand gets too close to a flame or a burner…your brain sends out a warning signal.  DO NOT TOUCH is the message.  Right?

The same is true with our relationships with people, our intuition give us a warning signal when it senses a red flag.  Ever get a pit in your stomach and feel something isn’t right (but ignore it LOL).  Have you known something was wrong but couldn’t put your finger on it….those are your intuitive warning signals, not meant to be ignored.

Listen to the warnings from your body and trust your intuition.


Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

Daily Prompt – Betrayed

via Prompts: Betrayed

Where do I begin on betrayal, shall I start with childhood or adulthood?


How about a less victim approach…how about the betrayal I experienced within myself.

Self care and self love are not buzz words, they are real.  The people that call them “buzz words” or think its “trendy” to love themselves are in fear and denial and are betraying themselves the way I did for the entire first half of my life.

As I mentioned in my previous writings, the Universe is a real thing and it truly does give you messages and over time if you choose to ignore them, the Universe will step in, shake things up and if you are lucky you will learn the lesson you are meant to learn.  If you do not, then you are betraying yourself.  You have turned your back on yourself and you will learn even deeper lessons by doing so.

There is betrayal on a deep level in so many areas, we can be betrayed by our parents, our husbands, our friends, but ultimately the deepest betrayal is the one we experience with ourselves.  This is the only one that truly matters.  Family can pass, husbands can leave, friendships fade, the only person guaranteed to stay with you…is yourself.  So do not betray yourself, you need you.

~Respect and Honor Yourself~

Daily Prompt – Micro

via Daily Prompt: Micro

Do not micro-manage your relationships as this is a form of control. Trust the flow, the outcome, the purpose of this person entering your life.  Do not have expectations….relate without attachment.  Enjoy the relationship for what it is, without driving it to be what you want it to be.

This is especially true for children.  Let them be who they are, not who you want them to be.  Let them find their purpose, let them discover who they are, let them struggle…yes struggle (I know that is hard for the helicopter parent) because that struggle brings them skills to navigate through life.  Building life skills is critical to their development.  Let them fail, let them struggle, let them hurt…it will make them better people.