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Daily Post: Haul

Via Daily Post: Haul This Journey I am on has been a very long haul.  My commitment to healing past wounds from childhood to today has given a new meaning to the word healing. ~Healing begins from within~ I was tired of filling voids and living my life from a place of fear.  Trying to control… Continue reading Daily Post: Haul

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Prompts: Radiant

via Daily Post: Radiant You are radiant, yes, you really are. Has anyone ever told you that?  If yes, it felt amazing didn't it? If not, it doesn't mean you aren't radiant, because you are. When a woman is home in her body...she radiates.  Its true. I just found this quote: "This is a woman whose body… Continue reading Prompts: Radiant

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Pragmatic vs. Magical Thinking..a lesson

During a session with my therapist we discussed relationships, past and potential.  When he asked me what I wanted, I told him I had received exactly what I had asked ex-husband.  I shared that I felt like I went to a counter, ordered my person and they delivered him to me exactly how I… Continue reading Pragmatic vs. Magical Thinking..a lesson

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via Daily Prompt: Patience Funny, learning patience and to trust the Universe is my ultimate life goal.  Patience really is a practice and something you need to be cognitive of especially if you are someone like me.  My initial response is to control a process and see it to the end, becoming impatient or frustrated… Continue reading Patience