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How to live your best life

"Happiness is a state of mind. It's just according to the way you look at things." Walt Disney First exercise, figure out what happiness means to you. Living your best life is all about you so its up to you to define it. Life can be beautiful, magical, difficult, easy, fun, complacent, too long for… Continue reading How to live your best life

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The Key to Happiness Is….

Letting go of the past and not letting it define you. Easier said than done, I know. But if you look at the past as a means of learning and if you don't allow yourself to live in the past, you can redefine your future and use all the lessons you have learned to do… Continue reading The Key to Happiness Is….

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Everything is a moment

Nothing is better or worse than this moment because this moment is the only one that truly exists. As is noted and quoted frequently, "the past is gone and the future has not yet happened" - therefore the only true moment we have is right now, this moment, this second, this experience. Nothing else matters.… Continue reading Everything is a moment

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The Mirror

Did you know that the people you surround yourself with are reflections of certain parts of yourself (ironically they are usually the parts you don't quite like). These people are your "mirror". What does this mean? Quite simply, we attract what we are (or ourselves). Ever notice something irritating or infuriating about someone...could be your… Continue reading The Mirror

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The journey begins….

And so it begins....the transformation of my once broken soul to a strong, confident, happy and balanced person. I was once a very anxious, scared little girl living inside a grown woman's body.  I cared so much about what others thought of me, I was terrified of making decisions and although I appeared extremely confident… Continue reading The journey begins….