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Yummy granola recipe

I’m leaving on a hiking trip tomorrow and felt like making a treat for the trails... So I opted to make homemade granola using whatever I happen to have in my pantry! Ingredients are as follows: Cup and a half of organic rolled oats (old fashioned)2tbs of organic chai seeds 2tbs of melted coconut oil2tbs… Continue reading Yummy granola recipe

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These Moments…

When you get older and life becomes a little more mundane, grasp on to the little things. When you realize life didn’t turn out exactly had you had envisioned or planned, focus on what turned out amazing. During life’s turbulent moments or when you question what is to come, have gratitude for what is. Hold… Continue reading These Moments…

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The Empowered Soul

What is the definition of “Empowerment”? Empowerment Means: The process of becoming stronger & more confident.Gaining or claiming control of your life  and your rights.Being more assertive and powerful in your personal and professional life.Going after what you desire and feeling you deserve it.Trusting your intuition to make good decisions. What does it mean to… Continue reading The Empowered Soul