The Empowered Soul

What is the definition of “Empowerment”? Empowerment Means: The process of becoming stronger & more confident.Gaining or claiming control of your life  and your rights.Being more assertive and powerful in your personal and professional life.Going after what you desire and feeling you deserve it.Trusting your intuition to make good decisions. What does it mean to … Continue reading The Empowered Soul

What brings you happiness..

I have decided to post short daily blogs each morning that focuses on happiness and the magic of life! With so much negative information being reported daily our minds are naturally focused on what’s happening in our country and we are spending countless hours reading and listening to panic inducing stories, statistics and opinions. It … Continue reading What brings you happiness..

Empowered Feminine Energy

Learning how to balance your feminine and masculine energy (think ying / yang) is not an easy task, especially in today's society. Women are becoming more and more independent by honing in on their masculine energy.  Some by choice and others by the natural progression in our society. In addition to being focused on their … Continue reading Empowered Feminine Energy

Taking care of YOU during the COVID-19 (and any true crisis)

My girlfriend sent me a nice little blurb last night. She must have received this blurb from another friend or maybe even found it on social media. The words were very calming and, temporarily, they set me at ease. I took a screen shot of her text and plan to refer to it when I … Continue reading Taking care of YOU during the COVID-19 (and any true crisis)

why infidelity will never plague my life again

Infidelity can rock your world and turn it upside down. True healing from infidelity is a long hard and painful process full of many ups and downs. When you come out the other side, you truly are a different person. Stronger, smarter and more aware of how fragile your soul can be. You learn that … Continue reading why infidelity will never plague my life again