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Who are you?

Through the process of self-discovery I realized that I had spent so much time living the way I wanted others to see me that I wasn’t being my true and authentic self. After much time alone in self-discovery mode I have truly found my path on this Journey and it is incredible. One of the… Continue reading Who are you?

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Everything is a moment

Nothing is better or worse than this moment because this moment is the only one that truly exists. As is noted and quoted frequently, "the past is gone and the future has not yet happened" - therefore the only true moment we have is right now, this moment, this second, this experience. Nothing else matters.… Continue reading Everything is a moment

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How to practice self love daily

How do you start your day? ~Life is an endless process of self discovery~ Self-love is not a trend, it is not something you do when you feel like it.  You don't just "do self-love" after a break up or after you experience trauma.  Self-love is a life long practice that needs to be added… Continue reading How to practice self love daily

coaching, empowerment, holistic healing, journaling, Keystone Habits, life coaching, manifest, self care, self help, self improvement, self love

The Empowered Soul

What is the definition of “Empowerment”? Empowerment Means: The process of becoming stronger & more confident. Gaining or claiming control of your life  and your rights. Being more assertive and powerful in your personal and professional life. Going after what you desire and feeling you deserve it. Trusting your intuition to make good decisions. What… Continue reading The Empowered Soul