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The Empowered Soul

What is the definition of “Empowerment”? Empowerment Means: The process of becoming stronger & more confident.Gaining or claiming control of your life  and your rights.Being more assertive and powerful in your personal and professional life.Going after what you desire and feeling you deserve it.Trusting your intuition to make good decisions. What does it mean to… Continue reading The Empowered Soul

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Ways to Honor Yourself

I am a self-proclaimed expert in the art of self-love and self-care.  I have gone from abusing myself in many ways to falling madly in love with myself on so many levels. Self-love is such a personal thing that it is almost impossible for me to tell someone exactly how to love themselves, however, I… Continue reading Ways to Honor Yourself

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via Daily Prompt: Patience Funny, learning patience and to trust the Universe is my ultimate life goal.  Patience really is a practice and something you need to be cognitive of especially if you are someone like me.  My initial response is to control a process and see it to the end, becoming impatient or frustrated… Continue reading Patience