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The Empowered Soul

What is the definition of “Empowerment”? Empowerment Means: The process of becoming stronger & more confident.Gaining or claiming control of your life  and your rights.Being more assertive and powerful in your personal and professional life.Going after what you desire and feeling you deserve it.Trusting your intuition to make good decisions. What does it mean to… Continue reading The Empowered Soul

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Get up and get moving

If fitness isn't your thing but you are so tired of feeling..well...tired and you lack motivation, energy and drive to do anything. Your clothes don't fit right and you are growing tired of feeling like crap then its time to make a change. You don't have to love fitness to get in shape, you just… Continue reading Get up and get moving

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Becoming the best You!

I empower you to ask yourself the following questions: Are you living as the best version of yourself? Are you living your life in a way that brings you peace and contentment? Am I honoring myself and truly living my best life? The following will help you as you do the work to become your… Continue reading Becoming the best You!

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Emotional pain and how it affects us..

I haven't written in a few days mainly because I have been dealing with intense muscle knots that have turned into a perceived pinched nerve.  Let's just say I have gone a little koo koo trying to figure out how to "fix" me and feel better. During my meditation yesterday I started know that… Continue reading Emotional pain and how it affects us..

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Fitness Over 40

There is no better time than right now to start a fitness routine! Fitness over 40 is a program I have created which involves exercises for each individual person, over 40, based on their fitness goals as well as their body type. Together we will create a targeted and, as I stated, an individual fitness… Continue reading Fitness Over 40